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New feature: Checking if an activity has changed


When updating an existing activity the system will now check if anyone else has updated it since you started making your changes and provide an option to preserve or discard their version.

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New option: iPhone, mobile application category tags


You can now manage category tags from the iPhone, mobile application.

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New option: Servers closest to your location


We’ve added Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and South American (Sao Paulo) as options for the setting “Where are you closest to? (For quicker response times we’ll connect you to servers closest to your location)”.

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Automatically link Gmail messages to the CRM


Can I AUTOMATICALLY link ALL my Google Apps Gmail emails to my Solve contacts without any who-ha?

Absolutely! It’s done by quickly applying a special Gmail label to all your existing messages and automatically to all future sent messages.

This truly unique ability is part of our amazing Link to feature. Lets give it a roll …

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Program update Feb 3


Three new features

1) You can now update a previously uploaded file in-place, and optionally keep the prior file as a revision.

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New feature: Real-time duplicate resolution


Solve now shows if there are any matching records to the one you’re working on and offers you a one-click option to merge them.

When you open or update a contact or company record the system will automatically check if there are any other records in the system that appear to be the same as the one you’re currently working on. If any are found a special message is displayed below the details header. Hovering over the item name will show you the details behind it, clicking on the link will merge the two records.

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New feature: “Queue a follow-up”


You need to keep tabs on situations to get the outcome you want. Event and Task activities will get them on your radar, but those activities have many options to set and a growing list will quickly clutter up your calendar.

When your inside voice says “hey we need to pay attention to this”, now you can just add a light-weight Follow-up to the related contact, company or project blog to get the details out of your head and into a shared list that’s easy to manage.

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New tutorial: Customizing Forms and Fields


We’ve posted a new tutorial on Customizing Forms and Fields. We expect that even the most seasoned Solve expert can pick up some useful tips from this comprehensive overview.

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New API activity options


Today, we have two more parameters that we can provide, “after” and “before” which will place the activity in a specific position. For instance:

    <title>Inspect Property</title>
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Program update Dec 17th


We’ve added four new field options to the form designer (the first three are limited to contacts, companies and project blogs):

  1. Section break (group sets of fields under a custom heading)
  2. Separator (draw a line between form sections)
  3. Unique ID (displays the unique record ID of the item so you can use it as a key for other systems/processes)
  4. Currency

For the Solve menu > Report & Update Activities > Show activity changes for report we’ve added the filter option created or modified.

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