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New feature: Manage Webhooks using the API


We’ve implemented a set of API methods to manage webhooks.

“Hmm, you don’t say, and what can I do with a bag of those?”

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New feature: Full Wufoo integration (website forms)


Clients love the Solve-Wufoo integration so we’ve jumped in with both feet and implemented a full integration. Instead of manual configuration, the benefits of a tighter integration is realized with a few simple “clicks” directly from Solve menu > Add-ons.


Review the updated Solve Wufoo integration tutorial…

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New feature: Sign in using Google


Solve now recognizes Google as a trusted Identity Provider.

With this new feature users can login directly to their Solve account using a secure Google authentication process.

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New improvements

  • To keep important things in focus, the Gmail Contextual Gadget will no longer show buttons for archived records. To access archived records open the contact’s record and click on the links in the related-to field.
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New option: Custom fields on the Follow-up report


The “Report & Update Activities > Show follow-ups assigned to …” report has been expanded to display and edit custom fields:

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New improvement: Attaching Google Docs


When you add a link to a Google Doc Solve will provide a simple panel for you to filter and choose the document. It’s simple, it’s helpful, and it’s time to tick this box too!

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New option: Context for opportunities


We’ve extended the opportunity reporting dataset to include information about its parent record. For example, along with the standard and custom revenue opportunity fields you can now optionally include the fields and categories of the contact, company or project blog the opportunity is saved on. This adds valuable context about the opportunity making it easy to answer questions like “How effective was my marketing campaign across geographies in terms?”, or “What type of lead is most profitable?”.

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New option: Adding context to your follow-ups and tasks


Under Solve menu > Report & Update Activities the “Next actions assigned to” and “Follow-up assigned to” reports now sport two simple, yet effective features to help filter and manage these Follow-ups and Tasks.

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New improvement: “Sans Flash”


The new sans-Flash file upload technique is now used throughout Solve e.g. file upload menu options, data import, Webmail attachments, right-click, etc. If you use a modern web browser Adobe Flash is no longer activated. By not activating Flash your browser will do less work, which translates to improved performance and reliability in every area.

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New feature: Activity Template Designer


Automating a set of steps can save you massive time and squeeze out human error. Solve lets you do exactly that with something called Activity Templates.

Using the new “Template designer” you can take a peek inside those templates and make changes without having to maintain a master set.

Inside the template designer you can open existing templates, create new ones from scratch and delete or rename existing ones.

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