New option: Additional reporting options

The reports available under Solve Menu > Report & Update Activities > Show next actions…, Show follow-ups…, and Show revenue opportunities are sporting new filtering options. Now clients can filter results by any combination of users & workgroups, applying a range of date options.

  • When filtering by date the activities having “no date” are no longer included in the top of the result as “Due anytime”. Instead a new “having no date” option is available.
  • The date options “up to now, up to next 7 days, up to next 30 days” will show all activities which are past due up to and including the specified date. The date option “between” will only show activities with a date within the specified range.
  • Revenue opportunities can now be assigned to “no one”. This was previously possible for tasks, events and follow-ups. A new filter option for assigned to / managed by “no one” is now available.
  • Since users and groups can now be selected in any combination activities assigned to a workgroup the user is a member of will not be automatically shown when the user is selected. The equivalent result is achieved by selecting both the user and the workgroup(s).