New: Improve scheduling workflow, based around Google Calendar

This is a big one …


Solve automatically organizes Google events from across the entire domain into a single view for each contact, job, property, case or similar. Shown perfectly inline with every linked email, phone call and other interaction on the record; presenting a complete, convenient, centralized history.

What’s new

Solve three common scheduling challenges, all based around Google Calendar.

  1. Schedule Google events from directly inside Solve, with
  2. “Find a time” calendar dashboard to visualize and schedule activity across multiple resources, then
  3. In Google Calendar, access or update important information behind an event, or reminder, via the direct-to-Solve link

Find a time

Find a time scheduling using Google

Solve’s Google Calendar dashboard and integration are designed to handle critical workflows. Updates are real-time and reliable. Count on it.

Try it

These exciting Google integrations work with Solve Client Manager under any G Suite or Gmail account.

In Google

Solve Routing

In Solve

Solve Routing

Solve CRM clients can request to try it free with your live Solve data.

Additional information

Learn more with the new Google Calendar integration walkthrough.

Solve also provides seamless Google email integration. Tap “on” and it just works.