New feature: Automatically receive copies of your SolveCRM database


Do you have a quiet reservation about having all your business’s data “in the Cloud”. Are you required to maintain a local copy of all your company’s data? At Norada we never underestimate what’s important to you and we’ve always made it easy for the administrator of your account to quickly save a copy of your database with the “Export all data” feature.

What’s new

AutoExport is a new feature which will automatically “Export all data” to a Zip file and email it to a specified email address each week. The file is protected with strong AES-256 encryption supported by premium UnZip applications. Automatic and secure, AutoExport takes a few more things off your to-do list!

The details

Provided in the AutoExport generated Zip file is a XML file for each of the three sections of your Solve database - Contacts, Companies and Project Blogs. Also included are scripts to optionally download all uploaded files and photos.

  • The XML file format preserves the relational structure of your database e.g. it records a blog, it’s tasklists, tasks, comments, files, category tags, relationships with other records, etc. XML is a standard format supported by Excel, Microsoft Access, etc and is easy to work with using most programming languages.
  • The script runs on your computer and will download all files and photos uploaded to the account to your local computer. The first part of the filename keys back to its parent record in the XML file.

The administrator(s) of the Solve organization can enable this feature now under Solve menu > Add-ons > AutoExport > Add.

For those looking to take a peek at our exported magic, we’ve provided some helpful steps to access your file in our FAQ’s.