I’m having trouble creating the exact list of records I need ...

In almost all cases, Solve’s Custom Search feature offers the powerful search capabilities needed to quickly pull up the exact list of records you need. Great for making personalized and saveable lists for your routine review process.

In the unusual case you still need an extra hand in creating the specific list of records, Solve extends Custom Search into our Report Builder in Google Sheets to help you here. Use the Report Builder to generate your list as best you can, similar to Custom Search in Solve. Then filter your list further using the tools provided in Google Sheets.

Most clients find the “Filter” option in Google Sheets handy for trimming down their lists even further.

If you’d then like to view your newly filtered Google Sheets list in Solve, apply a category tag using the import feature. Simply …

  • Delete all fields in your Google Sheets except the ID system column
  • Click File > Download as > .csv
  • Import the .csv file into Solve, mapping only the ID field

This will automatically update all contact records in your list with a date specific category tag in Solve.