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Automating repetitious activities saves you massive time and squeezes out human error. Solve CRM lets you do exactly that with something called Activity Templates. These templates are reusable sets of actions that you do on a regular basis. Copy and insert them onto contacts, companies, or project blog pages at any time. Discover best practices, save and share them with the team so everyone follows the same process. Refine and repeat. More …


Custom Fields & Category Tags

The more you know about your customers the better you can segment and serve them. Solve CRM has unlimited custom fields so that you can record any customer information you want. You can then use smart tags to categorize customer information and add context to it, for example plumbers and doctors can have their own distinct data fields. Leverage this specific data by quickly generating (and saving) customized lists in your CRM and projects. More …


Pre-integrated Cloud Applications

Solve CRM comes pre-integrated with a growing list of amazing web-applications, offering your team an arsenal of business tools. Integrating apps provides enormous value to your business by providing a single interface keeping staff focused and adding context to previously disparate information, leading to better decisions and actions. Enjoy the best of the web with Solve’s FREE integrations. More …


Link Emails

Team members have information critical to your business locked-up in their individual email accounts. Solve CRM lets them systematically link their emails to contacts, companies and projects, and share them with your whole team. So when interacting with clients, team members can pickup where the others left off, maintain coordinated communications and present a clean united front. Linked emails are flexible so there is certainly an option that will work for your business, particularly for G Suite users. More …


Report & Update Activities

With so much going on in your business, you need lists and reports to pull things together and give you the big picture. Solve CRM activity reports tell you at-a-glance what has been done and what needs to get done. To-do lists, opportunities reports and team calendars are a few examples. You can also update things on the spot so you don’t lose your flow. More …



Opportunities present themselves all the time. When they knock, welcome them into your home and serve them a five course meal, even if you are in the middle of checking into a two star hotel. We have an app for… the situation previously mentioned. Access customer and project information while on the move, keep your team in sync, capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves and make it all look easy, with Solve’s mobile app. More …


Secure workgroups

Manage what information is shared with each team member. Automatically group Contacts, Companies and Project Blogs into Workgroups, then grant complete or partial permission to individual users. Workgroups offer you complete control over how your CRM data is shared, and who has access to what. More …


API & Webhooks

Your business has some very specific priorities and you need a system that can handle the heat. Solve CRM offers tremendous flexibility right out of the box and even more under the hood. Solve’s comprehensive API lets you and your other apps access contact and project data directly. Webhooks also provide a “nervous system” so actions in Solve can automatically trigger other actions within Solve itself or other systems that your business relies on. More …


G Suite Users

Link Gmail messages to the CRM

This unique and useful feature enables you to view staff messages related to a contact or project in one place; regardless of whose Gmail account the message is saved in. Easily share and un-share important emails with other members of your team. With Solve, you can also customize how emails automatically link to contacts and projects on a record-by-record basis. More …


Google Sheets Report Builder

Just like our old friend Excel, the Solve Report Builder offers you the opportunity to leverage your data into insightful reports and charts inside Google Sheets. Unlike Excel, it’s easy to update and share your reports in real-time, without any of the old constraints. Solve’s Report Builder provides extended options to auto-complete & parse address fields, produce Google maps and link separate datasets. This powerful feature is a free benefit to all Solve CRM clients. More …



Solve’s Google sync lets you mirror your Google mail, contacts and calendar in Solve. More …


Automatically personalize emails and campaigns

Merge your refined email template(s) with specific contact data to automatically tailor the message for the recipient. The resulting message is sent through your Google email service, just like a normal email message. Similarly, take advantage of your organized contact lists and send a personalized email campaign for up to 1000 contacts per message. More …


(Re)direct emails between G Suite accounts

Cleanly reroute incoming emails from one Gmail Inbox to another within your team. Delegate incoming sales or support requests to the right person, or reassign escalating “cases” to colleagues who are better suited to respond. The message will be copied to the specified user’s Inbox with a special label added so they know the message was directed to them by you. More …


Link specific Gmail message to a specific project.

Access to Gmail messages from within the CRM

Two-way contact, calendar and task synchronization between G Suite and Solve CRM

Attach Google Docs directly to clients and projects so they're in context and support a story

Google Maps links from all addresses

Direct access from G Suite (no separate login to fuss with)