Ways We Safeguard Your Data

Last updated 2018-05-18

As the provider of our hosted Solve solution, Norada Corporation is responsible for all system resources, maintenance, and ensuring a secure, reliable technical environment. Norada staff monitor the production environment 24x7 and respond immediately to every system problem, with the goal of making them transparent to our customers.

General Data Protection

Norada follows mission critical data backup and management process. All data is written to multiple locations instantly and backed up to our archiving system at least once each day. To address the possibility of a catastrophic event, encrypted backup archives are also copied to a second geographic location. Files that you upload are stored securely on Amazon’s S3 service. All files stored on S3 are also backed up to our encrypted internal systems regularly ensuring we are able to safeguard all your data.

At any time you can quickly export a copy of all of the database information and all files & photos you’ve uploaded. The export is provided in a standard format that can be imported into most spreadsheet or database applications.

All data backups are encrypted and are not readable without access to the secured authorization keys.

All web content that is shown inside your account, such as email messages and content received from online forms, is automatically cleaned of any malware code. This is similar to virus scanning for web content.

Data Transmission and Storage

All data transmitted between your computer (or mobile device) and our application servers is encrypted using 256 bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. This prevents anyone from reading the information as it is transmitted over the networks. This the same method online banks use to keep your information secure.

Norada encrypts data at rest using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption.


The system encodes the Solve password using one-way encryption (64 byte hash function) which cannot be decoded.

Sequential failed login attempts are tar-pitted and reported to systems engineers.

The session key your browser uses to communicate with our service cannot be read by JavaScript. This prevents a hacker from reading the key stored temporarily in your browser memory and accessing your account from another location.

Two-factor authentication is available by logging in through Google Apps SSO or Microsoft Azure AD SSO and not setting a Solve specific password.

Internal Process

Norada adheres to a comprehensive Privacy Policy and a very limited number of Norada employees are able to access your information. These employees are specifically trained and experienced with regard to the practices and importance of maintaining your privacy and are only authorized to access your account information on an as needed basis to complete tasks related to the maintenance and operation of our service, or at your request.

Service Isolation

The Solve service is physically separate from ancillary services such as website, forums, etc. to decrease the probability that any issue in these areas would affect our core service.

Network and Computer Room Environment

Norada runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-computing service and benefits from Amazon’s secure, world-class data centres, which are certified for ISO 27001, PCI-DSS Level 1, and SOC 1 / SSAE-16. Specifically, Norada runs at AWS’s US East (Northern Virginia) location. AWS provides the physical environment necessary to keep our service up and running 24x7.

Server Configuration

Our environment is configured with numerous Web, Email, Database, Storage and Security servers. Our application servers use state of the art load-balancing to enable multiple servers to act as a single, easily managed system. Through software agents on every server, our load-balance solution monitors the system’s health and availability and then directs requests to the server best able to maximize service levels. The modular architecture of the platform also allows for horizontal scaling of the system in the event of overall increases in platform requirements or specific spikes in concurrent user numbers or request volume.

The Bottom Line

Solve is a safe and easy way to manage your staff and work so you stay vitally important to your clients. Contact us to find out why thousands of businesses world-wide chose Norada’s services to manage their work.